Dec 12, 2011

Who will kill Golola Moses?

Golola Moses pauses with his Belt at Hotel Africana
I know I should not be writing about Golola because to almost everyone who knows about the first "El Classico" before the real one on Saturday night and what happened probably doesn't want to hear anything anymore or would love to really know what it is that Golola Moses is and has been up to. Personally, I didn't know Golola Moses until early 2010 when  he became an internet sensation with his motor mouth. Golola Moses a  self-proclaimed Champion Kick Boxer of Uganda and now Africa. With a string of wins in the ring, it is mostly his ability to talk at high speeds, volume and outlandishness which made him a web sensation but the question was; Can he actually fight? or Can he still fight? Its until today that actually most of us realized that there is a GOLOLA MOSES and a Moses Golola if you know what I mean. Golola made himself. Social media built GOLOLA MOSES. The media that built him shall be the one to kill him. For the first time in Ugandan history the whole country was glued to TV for a little known sport to many but only because of the fighter's motor mouth and social media.

The presence of GOLOLA MOSES in our vocabulary  these days proves how strong social media can be. The same Moses testifies to have been through all walks and works of life to survive ranging from being a night watchman to a pit-latrine digger. Before the social media craze about him, no one knew him except his brother and village mates back in Masaka.  "I and my family grew up in the worst poverty Life that one could ever experience to an extent that our home became a reference to poverty. Everytime they wanted to talk about poor people they stated being as poor as the Golola's family" - Golola Moses once stated in a TV interview.
Personally, for someone who has risen from ranks as low as poverty reference to heights of demanding a pay of 30million I think deserves credit for working so hard.

So what is Golola Moses?
Having been all sorts of things and having all sorts of titles, Is Golola Moses a kick boxer, a boxer, wrestler, Voices Specialist, Actor, or a toilet digger? One thing for sure is that he has tried many things to make it through and after realizing what he can do best, he fails to find a hand that can hold him and show him the path to the stardom. The few who have done that have proven that they are interested in making money through him and just walk away. The show down on Friday night clearly showed how Ugandan events management is still wanting and how people can exploit fellow humans to make their way through and just walk away.
So why did Golola fight in an International bout?
Like I mentioned earlier, Golola made himself, the media has built him. However, the media has built him in a different capacity as of what he actually is. Golola is a person who is very passionate in sport (boxing/kickboxing)  but has missed out on having a hand to prepare him for international exposure. The media and social media particularly has  too lied to us that he is actually one who can get into a ring and do something extraordinary by a flick of a finger. For the first time, Golola Moses and his fans faced reality. Personally I tweeted, "GOLOLA is beating Moses" and later tweeted "The Golola I know was not in the ring tonight." For his ability and works of getting to an extent of bringing an "International" fight home would have been historical if the people in charge had actually been as passionate as Golola is.

On top of being passionate like any other person fighting for survival, Golola clearly knows that it is his mouth that can make him earn a living not kicking boxing. So for him to risk and put his life on the line to life taking elbows and kicks in the groin was only to do what the country expects/expected of him and all this was built by social media on him.

So if you are a kick boxer, why the chicken fight and wrestling antics in the Ring?
The chicken fight we saw in the ring on that night, is not something that can actually be used to say that Golola is nothing of a kick boxer. He is a kick boxer but here is the reason why he was not a kick boxer that night. One day to the fight, Golola and Nagy's management sat and agreed to fight Mua Thai kick boxing. I do not think in the wildest thoughts of Golola he even knew what that was. If its the case then we would have seen him atleast do stance of Mua Thai. When Nagy was performing his ritual, Golola was busy trotting in his corner and later jumped cheering his fans when they played the Buganda anthem after. If that was his ritual performance, then no problem.

You are a fighter not a promoter of the fight, period. The other motor mouth we have had in sporting history was Cassius Clay better known as Mohammad Ali but I do not think he was as vocal as this towards his fights and not loose talk by the way. 60% of Golola's life was spent on the media talking and calling  on people to come in numbers and witness a record bout in his favor which was to later turn out otherwise. There is no sports man who can ever perform when he doesnt have time to settle and train. It was the role of his managers to set out the time and days when he would address press conferences and say what ever he has to say but not  the way it was then.

Thirdly, after calling on all his fans he soon realizes that there is alot of expectations from the fans he promised something he could not deliver. When he arrived in the ring we could clearly see that the humble Golola Moses was actually now in the ring, not because he was concentrating on the fight but because he had the pressure on him to deliver something heavier than him. "If you are to come  for the fight, please come early and watch the first round, that is when I will finish Nagy because am not paid for over time." Whatever he meant there but those were his words.

The  Friday night fight to me was the biggest hoax/scam that ever happened to Ugandan sport. It was nothing but a castle in the air built by Ugandan media that almost took the Life of our most dearest Golola Moses.

We Love you GOLOLA MOSES and we also love Golola Moses.

Til next time!



  1. All that Golola possesses is POWER. But power without skill is bullsh*t. Dude needs to be assured that "kiggo" doesn't earn you any points. Nagy was bright, he used his elbows and knees to the maximum. And what with Golola's sweeps that only floored himself.

    As you say, we love you Golola and please reciprocate the love and give us some entertaining fights. My 2 cents on the subject.
    Peace out.