Jun 15, 2011

A day out with a Radio & Television Technician!

Happy mid-month to you all.

Yes! The silence was due to increased work load on my desk and more sites to monitor. During the past week my home theater system got a fault. I sat down all sad with no clue on where I would take it for repair. I have the warranty cards but the thought of transporting it back to Kampala just made my hope for my darling to recover fade the more.

Two days after the half death of my darling home theater system as I walked out of my apartment, I bumped into my neighbor. "I miss the ABBA music that I have been waking to up these days what happened?" she asked. "My system got a fault and I don't know where to take it for repair" I sadly replied. She quickly told me about a technician around the trading center who repair all kinds of electronics. "This guy is the one who fixes all my gadgets once they are faulty." she emphasized.

I went back inside the house and packed my system ready to go to the techinician. She helped me with her car so I could transport it easily to the place. With her directions to the place I got there. There I was all panting to get my system into this guy's kafunda. "Officer nakwakyiira(Officer you are welcome)" he said.

After presenting him with my faulty system I started to look around his workshop. I saw a range of devices from flash disks to flat irons. etc the list is endless. In this town, this technician repairs computers, mobile phones, radios, sub-hoofer systems, DVD players, flat irons, keyboards, motorcycle wiring systems, plus many other things I could not even easily identify.

After seeing all this, my question was, How on earth is this guys able to have knowledge to get all these devices fixed?. I was so worried for my device. I decided to cancel all my plans and see how this guy would fix my system. 

One, he looked so unsettled attending to several things at once, opening all sorts devices and fixing spares with so much energy. My heart started to pump faster, I was so worried it would be the last time to see my darling. "Officer, I don't want to waste much of your time, please leave me with your contact I will call you when your system is fixed." He humbly suggested. I said I would not leave until my device is repaired.

He did repair it. I it was clear he was not sure of the fault but it got fixed. 
Me: What is the Fee? I asked as I packed it again. 
Techinician: 55,000/= only.
Me: For what expenses?
Technician: Your system is big sir it took alot of my space here.
Me: I told him I will only give 20,000/= for your service after all you did not install any spare. Did you?
Techician: You can give me want sir but that is I my fee.

I paid and left but I really want to know which technical school trains students to be experts in fixing all these devices or else this technician is just conning people of their small savings me inclusive.

Til next time.!!!



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